Gunnee Mujahid

The Arrrrticle of XXXII

1st Drama

The book recounts the author’s experience of sexual trauma experienced during his time in the military.

As a service person who dedicated his life to serving America and its allies, including being willing to laydown his own life, he felt betrayed. The rape of anyone or anything is wrong, illegal and immoral. To be met by harm or death, or the threat of such, gags victims and worsens the situation.

Allowing victims of assault to speak out and get access to counseling is the best reparation.

And this book is Gunnee Mujahid’s reparation.


About the Author

Gunnee Mujahid is an author, veteran, and rape survivor. He hopes to inspire others by sharing his story and raising awareness about how sexual assault is treated in the armed forces. There remains a staggering number of soldiers and or veterans that have served or are serving this great nation, who have been raped, are being raped and lastly but not least of all are being stalked to be raped by monsters with intent to sexual assault our servicemen and women up by 47% by 2016 (Hill & Ponton, disability attorneys).

While there are a plethora of resources available to assist veterans, some of these resources may not be available to those with a less than honorable discharge status. This is a potential loophole because the victim’s psychological disorders and PTSD could not be adequately addressed while he or she was still serving, leading to a less than honorable discharge. Then upon discharge, the victim no longer qualifies for such assistance due to his or her discharge status.

It is the author’s belief that it is his responsibility to act and he wants to bring awareness to the complexities of the after-effects of rape and PTSD.


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